Casa de Agosto – a surprisingly private villa in the picturesque Sotogrande Alto valley, Spain, with every detail designed to come together seamlessly with its contemporary new owners.


There’s only one tiny stroke between your feet touching the limestone patio in Casa de Agosto and feeling the rippling presence of what August embodies – still time in its natural habitat.

You find yourself embraced by the cascading landscape stretching far beyond, to nothingness.

This is not a pretentious place, but things are different in this cortijo, true: seeing becomes sight here, and other verbs slow down as well.


The interior is a contemporary modernist's dream with a deep respect for classical Spanish cortijo architecture.


The layout of Casa de Agosto embodies the needs and habits of a modern person.

Entering the contemporary villa with an echo of a traditional Cortijo Vista del Arroyo takes you to a summer where days start in the afternoons, and rarely do they ever end.